SE VCH Stardusts Hirma by Emira  (Maggan) SE VCH Stardusts Hirma by Emira (Maggan)



About Us

My name is Marjo Digertz, I´m the owner and breeder of Kennel Boobah. The name of Boobah became from our beloved daschund, who left us in piece summer 2012 – as 14 years old.

I live together with my husband Fredrik  of Nykvarn, about 4 miles from Stockholm. We have a wonderful place with a lake plot so the dogs have several thousand square fenced plot of land. Where they can run, play around and even take a swim when they want to. After long discussions, we decided that now was the right time to start up a small breeding of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Today we live together with two wonderful and lovely wayward, brave, worked RR ladies- Gittan and Maggan and also the Dobermna Kajsa.

I ‘am also a trained instructor by SVK and certified test manager for BPH. All new puppies’ owners will be offered to take the puppy class with me. Of course, I will be available for advice, tips and support through your dogs all different stages of life.

Our litter is planned for spring / summer of 2014. A litter means a lot for us and we believe with heart and soul.

Be well,

Marjo with family.














Hello and Welcome to Kennel Boobah!

Happy, to see you found us here!

Boobah is a breeding of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in smaller scale. Prospective puppy buyers are welcome to visit our home and meet our lovely bitches.

We are planning our litter during the spring / summer of 2014.

Dame: Stardust Hirma by Emira X Sire: Amarachi Admire Jumpin´Jack Flash


Upcoming planned mating.


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During the spring of 2014, plans Boobah´s litter between our wonderful Stardust Hirma by Emira “Maggan” and Amarachi Jumpin´Jack Flash “FLASH”.

We believe at this combination will be mentally stable, safe and happy dogs with just enough energy and with working pleasure. The becoming parents, will complement each other very well in good exterior and has many fine qualities. We believe will be passed on to their upcoming puppies.


To buy a puppy from Boobah, it included:

1 year membership in Breed Club (SRRS)



BPH-test of your Boobah´s  puppy

Advice and support from me as breeder

Puppy course for those who want and are able to come


Name: SE VCH Stardust Hirma by Emira “Maggan”

D.O.B: 2010

HD:  A/A (Clear)

ED: 0/0 (Clear)

High: 63cm

Weight: 33kg

Full dentation

Known mental test: Yes (Gunshot proof)

Merits: SEVCH (Swedish Tracking Champion) and multiple of EXC, one CK and placement with of second, third and fourth at various National dog shows.

Tracking test: Approved aptitude test – SE VCH 

Breeder: Kennel Stardust


Name: Amarachi  Jumpin´Jack Flash

D.O.B: 2010-11-09

HD: A/B (Clear)

ED: 0/0 (Clear)

High: 69cm

Weight: 46kg

Full dentation

Known mental test: Yes (Gunshot proof)


Tracking test: Approved aptitude test and 1 open class tracking.

Breeder: Kennel Amarachi





About Maggan:

Maggan is a nice and playful bitch with lots of energy. We are training obedience and agility, but Maggan prefer most in tracking and has showed a big interest. This is something she really likes!

Maggan comes from Kennel Stardust; her mother is our bitch Gittan. The litter was 11 healthy puppies, 5 males and 6 females. 8 of this are x-rayed and all have HD/A & ED/UA (0).

Maggan are expecting planned puppies to Boobah´s second litter during the spring of 2014.


About Gittan:

Gittan is a happy, positive and all-round bitch, who enjoys working. We are training obedience and agility. But if Gittan, herself could decide it is tracking, what she likes most.

Gittan comes from Kennel Stardust. In the beginning we shared the ownership with breeder Stardust. Gittan had her first litter 2010 and we decided to keep one of her wonderful puppies – Maggan.

Gittan has been everything we could ask for a RR – a dog with just the right engine, good mentality, confident and a fantastic mother to eleven puppies.



Amarachi Admire Jumpin Jack Falsh